27 February 2007

a decent color has returned to my big fat head since i took all those drugs when i was sickie poo from hell

as far as i can remember, last week was one giant blur of drug-induced hazes. an endless cycle of food, sleep, pills, sweating, and bad television. my heartfelt thanks go out to all of the people who make wonderful cartoons possible (and the sydication that makes them available any time at all), as they helped me through this traumatic time of need.

now that life is virtually back to normal, life seems almost drab. energy levels are still stabilizing so i'm not making any grandiose plans for our evenings just yet. my artistic spark is at a slow burn. the house is a mess, and i don't mean the garden variety haven't finished unpacking kinda mess. doing the dishes was as much cleaning as i could muster last week, and derek was so good at taking care of me that he let most everything else go by the wayside. no biggie. turns out we're not complete slobs after all.

in an effort to get me jumpstarted, derek bought me a whole bundle of new sharpies. TWENTY FOUR COLORS OF SHARPIES with the ultra fine tip! my marker box overfloweth with happiness. as is my usual custom with new supplies, i opened them the second we got home and then did not use them at all.

this is something i used to do with scripts, in a different way. as soon as i picked it up from the theatre, i would tote the new script around everywhere. restaurants, grocery stores, driving around town. sometimes i even stuffed my new book into my purse and brought it into the bathroom with me. i would flip through the pages incessantly. i would place the script on the table next to my dinner plate. i would let the cats sniff the edges until they approved. however, i would never actually do any work with it for the first few days. inspiration came by osmosis as i eventually began to highlight my lines and begin to make notes.

even as a director i could never force myself to work on a script right away. my palms would slide back and forth across the pages as i hummed a little tune. a smile would creep across my lips as my fingertips would scoot and drag it closer to me by an inch or so at a time. in the end, i would finally realize it was mine and end up hugging it to my chest and giggling.

much the same thing is going on with my new sharpies. i ripped open the backing, ran my fingers across the backs of each marker, and gave a tiny squeak of joy. after rearranging each one to look as if the package had never been touched, i propped them up (in the plastic) against my marker case. they stood there for a few hours until i dumped them out across the floor and arranged them all by colors. just for good measure, i splayed them around like pick-up sticks before tucking them into the marker box next to my other assorted, fatter sharpies. i closed the case. i heard a very satisfying click. i knew they were really mine. yay.

it's been two days so far. i'm definitely getting inspired to make some new art; maybe even just to write a multicolored note one of you. i feel the same smile and giggle as i lift the box up and give it a hug. derek laughs because he has seen this sort of habit go on before and thinks it cute. he thinks every doodle i produce is a work of aaahhhhhhhhhrt worthy of an advanced calculus problem. i just like all the pretty colors and the clankety noise they make while rattling around in the box.

my favorite color:
all shades of grey/silver

23 February 2007

random side notes - chapter ten

wowee, look at this - blogging and the streetlights aren't even on yet. it's not the wee hours, and i'm not way high on orange and green gel pills. there is even a twitch of sun in these here partly cloudy skies. as i come out of my drug-filled haze, though still snotty in literal and figurative ways, i can finally sit upright and stay awake for more than a few hours at a time. funny how feeling less sick is sort of like feeling really damn great. but i'm still on the new sofa anyway, hogging it for as long as derek will let me.

so, over the last couple weeks my cable modem has been angry. who made it angry? it's hard to say, but we can safely point fingers away from this house. between the shoddy equipment up here, the lackadaisical people derek gets on the phone when he calls to bitch, and the clouds floating around in swarms, its anyone's guess. oh please oh please, my beloved modem, please accept my cyber-love and get back to normal.

because i have to read up on my peeps! due to some glitch in my modem, i thought liz had stopped posting for about a week or so. considering her diligence over the past several months, i was aghast (not at the la quinta, surely!) to see her lack of reminiscing and quipology. just for safe measure i had to check up on zhen and bonnie and everyone else to comfirm that, yes, my connection has PMS. and you thought this city was alive with wiredness. bwah, i say.

but this segues - get it, liz? - to my next point. ya know, for a random chapter, this certainly is working out to have a serendipitous rhythm. this tech-ridden city makes me think of someone i ran into who works for microsoft. rather, as i was doing a search at work someone said to me, "is your name george? really? we did some plays together back in tulsa." i looked up and saw... leigh ann! remember our little truck stop/blue jay from "vital signs" back at heller? she and her boyfriend moved out here about a year ago, and she recognized me. wow! i've been spotted by people from tulsa in both los crapeles and seattle within a year. it's spooky and gratifying and hilarious. i suppose this makes me a memorable sort. or, as jenny has put it so lovingly in the past, "oh you would KNOW if you had met HER."

she's right. you would know. i might possibly bite you just to make sure you didn't forget. it's part of my charm. uttering words like vagina or kerplunkety or motherfucker also tend to grab the ear and make an impression. the spontaneous monkey noises and eee squeals will remind you of me, too. so i don't mean to be a weirdo or anything. i just have impulse control issues. they make me... do stuff.

they give me inspiration as well. in the spirit of random, rhiannon and i had a massive trading of the crappe. we were on the phone with each other while going through our treasured piles of so-called junk when she noted that she was out of staples. buying a whole box of staples is impractical for normal people. you can take a lifetime going through just one row, so i dug out some extra staples to send her in the mail - and thus the trading of the crappe began. she made off with a handy screwdriver the size of a pen, i have sequins and pipe cleaners galore. i swear, next time i need some artistic inspiration, i'll go through my junk drawers and call all my friends to see who might need chococat thumbtacks.

ahhh, so now it's time for more sofa hogging and (finally, after drinking tea most of this week) a nice warm pot of coffee. get outta my way, kitties.

someone i don't know if i love or hate:
sarah silverman - funny or boring?

22 February 2007

does this count as drunken posting?

oh yeah, just remembered something. i was supposed to be doing chapter ten of the random for you. well you know what? i'm high as a fucking kite on little gel pills right now. whoop a dee dooooooo, as they say in the wedding singer. is the drunken dialing next for me? it would be an option, if the phone weren't alllll the way across the room from me. it's hard enough to get the motivation to get up and go pee, as opposed to just wetting my pants and cleaning the carpet later on. hey, it was good enough to wet the bed until i hit junior high, so why not?

i mean.. uhhhh.... never mind. i never said that. you never heard that. i never wet the bed. allegedly. tracy did it. it was all her fault. she was the one who invited me to spend the night and put the fear of pee in me, only to tell me the next day that she sometimes wet the bed. so maybe i did blame it on her, but maybe - just maybe - she's the one who did it anyway. bet she did. sure. yeah. big ups to me for being a tweenager who could control my bladder for a whole eight hours.

achoo! sniffle. grrrrrrr... loogies.

and just so you know something else, i expected ralph nader to be nicer. not that he was mean, but a little short with some of the employees when he came by unannounced and all puffed up la dee dah like he was he-man last week. i much prefer the kind of person that calls ahead and makes all goofy like with the peasants. dance, monkey, dance! give us a good freaking show! bring out the dancing poodles!

but i digress.

this is all meant to say that you should never pop the green death flavored pill and get back on the computer. it's not like anyone is making you spout off in the wee hours of... oh wait. it's only 11 fucking o'clock. it's not even late. i'm just being a big jackoff for no reason, eh? it's mary's fault. shes scared me with all that la quinta trauma this weekend, and i haven't had coffee in three days. or maybe i didn't have coffee becaus i was sick and switched over to hot tea to save my voice, but that didn't work anyway, so even though i did finally have some coffee today i'm still on some kind of detox tremor freakout. is this the part where i blame it all on mary? sheesh, i really am lost here.

in any case (and furthermore), derek bought me a new jar of peanut butter. he bought me jif because the store didn't even have any peter pan on the shelves after the big PB scandal. jif is okay, but it's not what i like. don't think i'm losing my shit or anything here, even though i might be just a bit foggy, but i like peanut butter to taste more like peanut butter than like peanuts. you're following me here, i can see. it's not that i don't like peanuts, but i like peanut butter more. and if i'm going to eat nuts, my favorites would be cashews or macadamias. but just keep them out of my ice cream. ice cream doesn't need big honking chunks. it needs vanilla and cream. and fuck those damn pecans that people wanna put in every damn thing they can hold still and bake. you try being a little kid who gets forced to collect pecans from the mud while a big ford truck rams into a tree to shake all the nuts down to the ground right behind you righ before it runs over them to grind them further into the mud while you're trying to fill up that stupid paper sack so you can go home and have to make chocolate chip cookies with pecans when you don't even like chocolate in the first place. then we'll see how much you like fucking pecans.

but before i get to riled up, perhaps we should just call it a night. i have to go chew on some more vitamin c and blow my nose again. drip drip drip. wow, it's time to wander off to bed before i fall over again. my foot already went to sleep, so i guess i should follow suit, if i can stagger to the bed before the pins and needles set in and i start screaming and flailing like veronica when she gets all whooped up in a tizzy. you know i love you, vee, but your flailing is legendary... and i mean that in the most complimentary way.

fucking pecans.

what you simply MUST google today:
how to prank a telemarketer

long live the quil!

::: drooooooooool :::

21 February 2007

by braid iv dribbping oud ub by doze

read it out loud and you'll get a sense of how i sound this evening. it would seem that i have sympathy illness, courtesy of mary. the loogies are taking over, and my shoulders are approximately two inches above my ears from curling into a pathetic ball of sickieness. blech. i think the top of my head just slid of and bounced on the floor.

derek is a sweetie and got me THE QUIL!!! oh, and some comfort foods to ease the pain. he even made me grilled cheese and tomato basil soup while he parked me on the new sofa for the evening. i have been sitting here ever since, in between sessions of shuffling around in pajamas announcing, "i'b sick. i dunt feew good." (add little sniffle and cough sound effects) after a minute or so, i feel faint and wander back to the couch to watch more king of the hill and family guy recorded on the dvr. and i'm on the QUIL! it's like the morphine drip of OTC medication. green, orange, red... just pick a color and enter the quil coma. please check your car keys at the door.

normally, i'm a pretty tough cookie. whiny? yes. but also tough? hell yes. when i'm sick it's a tale of horror and mishap. how fortunate that derek is better at taking care of sickie george than george is at taking care of sickie derek. when he's ill i just try to stay clear of the germs and keep the lights off so he'll sleep through it. mr. fussypants isn't a fun guy; he doesn't let me make fun of his sickie shuffling like i let him do to me.

oh, and furthermore, laying on the new sofa drooling with medicine haze and cracker crumbs flinging themselves off of your pj pants is not the time to be watching a movie like donnie darko. i tried, really, but that shit just put me to sleep. i woke up right at the end to discover that i hadn't missed a fucking thing. but it has a really good soundtrack. i do have SOME taste. on occasion.

i'll return with a random side note entry when i come out of my haze, including some highlights that just might consist of things like this:
why i missed liz's blog lately
i ran into someone from tulsa
rhiannon's notions and crap
my cable modem hates me

18 February 2007

and she shaved her head?

although i am ashamed of myself, i MUST say this:
i just looked up photos of britney spears on the internet. bonnie told me, while we were at dinner, that britney shaved her head. i guess derek remembered while he was surfing, because now he has me looking at this shit. so it's derek's fault really, but i can't stop looking! oh britney, who the hell are you today?

it's like a fabulous train wreck. yes i am totally aghast with myself for being enamored with tabloid trash. NOT AT THE LA QUINTA, SURELY?!?! it's like a magic tonic that's filled with crack. woe to me.

one more cause of blissful shame:
checking my site meter

not at the la quinta, surely?!?!

derek took me to the tacoma glass museum today! this time when we went, we had plenty of time to look around. oooh, ahhh, pretty. here's the funny thing - i never thought i would like anything like that until a couple of years ago. it was a bright saturday afternoon and i was driving down to oklahoma city to hang out with priyanka for the day. she suggested that we go check out the dale chihuly exhibit, which some of my other friends had raved about seeing. i thought, "well how dorky is that? whaaaaaaat? a glass exhibit?" but we went anyway, just to do something cultural, and i LOVED it! shiny. SHINY. ooo la la, that stuff was positively enchanting. since then, i am convinced that doing something dorky is just what i need to feel cultural when i'm hanging out doing a bunch of nothing.

there was this exhibit by an artist named jim campbell at the museum today. it was much more technologically based, as opposed to being glass sculpture like the rest of the pieces. if you ever get a chance to see his work i would definitely recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. one of my favorite things was an installation piece with lighting and wires rigged up to represent the thoughts and experiences of the artist's brother on his last day alive. the lights would sparkle and fade depending on the intensity of each happening. it might sound sort of esoteric or fruity, but i could really feel the meaning behind the whole thing. it was just the sort of modern art that i love to appreciate.

after the museum we went across the bridge of glass. (see mary's blog for some nifty vacation photos along the bridge.) according to rumour there is an art-o-mat machine in the area. behold! it's true! if you don't know about art-o-mat, you should google them right away. the machines are old cigarette machines that have been converted into art dispensers. for the small price of a token, you can own a little bit of original art for yourself. eee! we got two tokens so that i could get one for derek and one for mary. she's going to the art-o-mat near her house and we're going to swap with each other in the mail.

we met up with bonnie and kelly for dinner and got some really super tex mex. if there is one thing i'm good at, it's going out to dinner and rambling endlessly with people i really like. mmmmm, melty cheeeeeeeese. bonnie told me she's going to have some of her art put into the art-o-mat machines pretty soon, so be on the lookout for her stuff in the near future.

on the way home i called mary to chat, to distract me from driving on the freeway in a heavy rain. or from derek driving in the rain. not that he's a bad driver, but i'm not so great at freeways and pouring rain. (let's not all make fun of me at once for moving to seattle on this one, okay? i do really well at regular city streets. i promise.) somewhere after we got back, the conversation turned to coffee. she was thinking of getting a little grinder, and i had thought of getting them something to brew a good coffee. that's when she told me about the hotel coffeemakers. oh, the humanity! oh, the brutality! one of my small joys in life is the tiny coffeemakers you find in hotels. don't ask me why, but they are one of my favorite things about staying in a hotel room. you wake up, the coffee is right there in front of your face. how perfect is that?

mary said that she read a thing about how people make crystal meth in those little coffeepots. NOOOOOO!!!!! don't violate my tiny joy!!! i was thinking about how derek usually stays at la quintas when he's on business trips (free wireless and conference rooms and that oh-so-cool continental breakfast including the super duper waffle maker thingie) and how they have those coffeemakers. good thing he doesn't drink very much coffee, i suppose. but it occurred to me that drug dealers would never stay at la quinta. they're either at motel 6 or the ritz. i'm pretty sure we don't have anything to worry about regarding crystal meth in the coffee.

yes yes yes... mary laughed quite hard when i said, in the most aghast manner, "not at the LA QUINTA, surely?!?!?" then again, it does make me feel pretty peppy when i have it. ack. don't mess with my coffee, i tell you! oh, sweet nectar of the universe. coffee is sacred. coffee promotes confidence. yay for coffee.

think i'll go make some coffee.

what i'm reading this week:
boomsday by christopher buckley
paradox of choice by barry schwartz
OK! magazine (as usual)

17 February 2007

out from under my log

not being in the forefront of writers on this planet, i assumed that if i neglected my blog for a few extra days then no one would notice. guess i was wrong about that, and i'm happy to say that i was actually missed. missed! woohoooooo!!! does this mean i have a tiny little following going? i rock.

here's how this week has gone so far:
no, we didn't do anything special for VD as a couple... unless you count me forcing derek to step on my butt and use me as a footstool so i could loosen up my "old lady hip" and then pass out (face first) on the floor. damn, i shoulda vaccuumed beforehand.

but i did get a few valentines in the mail from friends, including the coolest tag from zhen. i DO like foofoo things, girlie. EEE!

it would seem that i'm addicted to F-U-D. i have been eating like an elephant. speaking of elephants and the things they supposedly love, did you check your peanut butter yet? do you have the scary PB? unfortunately, we do have a jar of the scary peanut butter. fortunately, we had not eaten any of it yet. in it's place, i have consumed several pounds of clementine oranges and the equivalent of 75 large chickens. seriously. lots and lots of oranges. i'm turning into an easy-to-peel orange. ever get on a food kick and ride it until the food kick is beaten into the ground? i do.

there is a crafting circle made up of some people from work. i went this week and didn't feel like a complete imbecile. people took home some of my lucky sharpie stones (see how i'm getting a trademark going already... by stealing another trademark in the process?) and asked me to make some other things for them. garsh, but it seems that they liked my crappe. with any luck, i can trade some of my wares for a pillow shaped like a uterus.

lastly, i've been pondering cover songs. as mary says, "if you don't have anything good to bring to the song, then just leave it alone." yes yes yes i agree with that one. on the other hand, there are a few songs out there where i actually PREFER a certain cover version.

1. dear prudence - siouxsie and the banshees
2. tainted love - soft cell
3. i forgot what the third one was, but i'll probably think of it later on when i've had some sleep and don't have a cat hair stuck in my eye. because holy shit, i had to get up early today, and i didn't even go to bed until almost three in the morning, so it's hard for me to be coherent when i'm writing sometimes, but it's easy to be full of candor and babble. so anyway, which ones do YOU like?

special shout-out of the day:
happy birthday to my brother chris.
he is an old fart, too.

11 February 2007

spacing in and out

upon thinking about it, i'm not that interested in getting more furniture. an observation that comes out of nowhere? not so much. although i've found myself bitching lately about needing more space and feeling ashamed because my house is tiny, this week has changed my mind.

number one: i had people over and there was room! turns out you can fit six women quite comfortably in my living room conversion from what could have been a bedroom, leaving spots for the cats to wander and all the chicks to have glasses of wine. there was even space for random piles of candy on the coffee table and a wandering box of cookies while we watched "mean girls" and chatted about stupid shit in the latest edition of OK! magazine. (people like me - EEE!) now that i've figured out how to fit a few people into the apartment, i think it would be okay to have a tiny gathering now and then. cozy is cool.

number two: as milana finishes her moving, we've exhanged complaints about how taxing it is to haul all of our shit up and down stairs in buildings that have no elevator. when i think of my stuff in a moving sense, i think of how much each thing weighs. it makes "the culling times" more sensible and less traumatic. it would not be underestimating to say that i've lost close a thousand pounds in the past year with all the moving. of course, all the things i keep based on sentimental value are made of paper, thereby weighing about more than a dozen baby elephants. hmmm, and here i thought that collecting correspondence wouldn't be cumbersome. oh sure, it's small... but dense and heavy. ever tote a big box of postcards? my arms are longer than they used to be thanks to all that gravity.

number three: as has been pointed out to me, the more space you have, the more you fill it up with more stuff. people tend to accumulate based on the area they have been given to use. imagine my shock when it occurred to me that there are more than a few people in the world who are a teensy bit envious that i can function so well in a smaller space. the minimalist side of me keeps my need for more more more on the stuff side in check. to an extent. most of the time. just don't look at my multitude of adhesive supplies, okay?

so the apartment we're in is sort of growing on me, for now. (i reserve the right to be fickle!) hey, it's better than moving again. i know veronica is totally feeling me on this one. maybe i can convince the master to come and help the next time i have to pack up my shit. oh, and i hear that liz is good at getting settled in to a new place. she doesn't even sleep while unpacking.

bleh. transitioning still sucks in spite of all the brave faces. whine whine whine. change is great, change is exciting, change gives new perspective. blah bitty blah blah blah. and so it goes. you can be as cheery or adaptable as you want about it, but finding a new place on the windowsill for your precious tchotchke completely blows.

why i heart mary this week:
photos on the blog!!!

06 February 2007

random side notes - chapter nine

it's time once again for george's random moonlight ramble. this evening's edition will give you answers to burning issues, such as:
fat girls are just as mean as skinny girls
the best bad movies
how hard it is to get a haircut

i keep getting the oddest food cravings lately. it's not pregnancy, trust me on this one. right now i'm drinking pomegranate juice and thinking about getting sushi for lunch tomorrow. i don't even like most seafood. blackberries would be nice, too. and maybe a bratwurst and some cole slaw. what the fuck?!? wonder if i have any creamed corn in the cabinet.

here's to being hopeful that bonnie found a cool salon. she seems pretty happy about her hair appointment and goodness knows i need a trim. where is my little tanya when i need her? if i can't find a decent person who will take good money to wash my hair for me soon i'm going to go to the car wash and just stroll on through with the high pressure jets turned on.

every day brings a little more comfort... with being abrasive. yeah sure, so some of you out there think i'm nicer than that. pffft. i like sorting out the wimps. as i may have said before, my friendships are "darwinian" in nature. cream rises to the top and all that. only the best mutations will survive. i heart mutants.

let's admit something. i'm a size 12, or maybe a 14. (being a 14 can actually be an advantage over a 12 on the clearance rack.) it's fine with me and i really don't care anymore, but there is one tiny detail that irks the shit outta me. when i go into a "regular" store to shop for clothes, i feel funny looks upon me when i browse anything fashionable. when i go into a "fat girl" store, i feel the same exact thing. can we just make an in-between store for chicks that are kinda squishy and end all this glaring?

i am addicted to ugly betty. hot chicks eating food. yay.

speaking of hot chicks eating food, i have now been off of my diet for quite a while. i'm in celebration of keeping an old resolution once made to stop dieting. at some point shortly after my thirtieth birthday, i came to the realization that i had been on a diet of some kind or another for twenty years. TWENTY FUCKING YEARS! ahhh, the "magical thirty wand" knocked me over the head until i came to my senses for the better. now i eat healthier and get off my ass once in a while, but i will do my absolute best to never diet again. i have better shit to think about.

like this: how long will it take me to get through these boxes that i have stacked into a nice feng shui pile in my living room? how much longer will it be before i can't stand life without a razor cut and just go chop off all this hair? and where ARE the rest of my rubber stamps and safety pins? they're not in those boxes. i know. i looked.

every so often i get a nervous twitch. for real, like where i have to stand up and jump around to loosen up. for a while i thought it might be something neurological and wondered if i should be examined. then i caught derek twitching one day. anyways, if it is some deep-seated medical problem, it's not impeding anything, and it's apparently contagious and i've given it to derek. maybe we were both poisoned by acid rain and have to flop about for relief now. maybe i just consume too much caffeine. maybe i'm just twitchy.

some of you have joined in on my bad movie festival. good for you. there is no shame in liking keanu reeves or wondering of the world really will turn out like the movie demolition man. is taco bell going to take over the world? in any case, i salute you all for getting behind me on that whole cool runnings thing. you rock for admitting your weaknesses. and just for the record, derek could not live in a world without michael keaton and multiplicity. just so you know.

one last random fact:
there is a lot of nude art in our house. none of the works are of me or derek, but i'm starting to wonder if we have a subconscious fascination with nekkid paintings in rainbow colors.

04 February 2007

oh no! cool runnings!

derek is making me watch television this evening. yes he has me strapped to the new sofa and is forcing me to watch a movie. he put on cool runnings and glanced my way with a smirk. this is an obvious attempt to make me cry, but i'm not going for it. nope. not me. i'm not doing it. no way jose.

no sir. :::sniff:: you can't make me do it. :::sniff::: damn jamaican bobsled team.

we all have our kryptonite. you have yours, so stop making fun. "WHAAAAAT?!?!" COOL RUNNINGS?!?!? what the hell is HER problem?!?" just remember that the next time you're crying at some bullshit movie that you're not even supposed to admit liking in the first place. okay fine. make fun! i would, i promise you that. hehehehe.

what i did today:
the underground tour!

03 February 2007

mary's festival of F-U-D

the reason that we haven't been writing as much this week is because we're still digesting all the food we ate during mary's visit. in an effort to increase her limited palate, mary decided to make a goal of eating titally different kinds of meals every single night. maybe we spent a ton of money on being foodies, but it was worth the expense to eat that well. french, thai, russian, ethiopian, japanese... the list just kept on going! we had a well-rounded adventure of culinary delights that finished in a translucent sack of grease at dick's drive in.

mary got somewhat overwhelmed when i took her to the world of spice over by the public market. it was my special trip plan for her; knowing that she's on the way to becoming a fabulous chef, i thought she'd go nuts. well, she did go nuts, but in a way that left her drooling on the couch from sensory overload. i think the thing that did it was when the staff started roasting spices while we were having tea with leslie.

oh, and she made me a new friend! leslie is one of mary's online friends that she'd never met in person. we decided to take a ferry over to bremerton to meet up with her and had a terrific day. leslie and i chatted on forever while mary was trying to recover from the spice shop and then we met up with her husband for irish food and drinks. she doesn't even think i'm that abrasive! she even called the next day! we are supposed to get together for lunch downtown one day next week and i can bring her the gift mary bought in canada.

did i mention we got a wild hair and drove up to vancouver? list of things done: sushi, shoes, soap, smokes, souvenirs. if it's starts with an s, we nabbed it. funny how the border peeps look at you funny when you tell them you drove to canada for lunch. don't they ever hear that? they did sound a little impressed with the plates on the car being all the way from oklahoma, though. (no i still haven't changed them and i don't want to if i can get away with it.) mary almost got smuggled over the border until they finally noticed her sitting in the backseat waving her passport around. here is my question... why do all the buildings in downtown vancouver look exactly the same? on our way out we almost got blinded by the way the sun was bouncing off the super shiny rectangular monoliths. seriously, they're like building clones. how odd.

while mary was here she also got to meet some of my new peeps. milana and linda and bonnie all think she's just adorable. i suppose they can see some of the rest of our personalities coming out when mary is around me and derek. having someone around who has a few inside jokes and old stories with you can really make you feel more like yourself. i hadn't even realized how long it had been since we'd been together! since the last time we saw one another, several people have seen each of us, just not together. i suppose it's kind of like when you're around food all day and your brain tricks you into thinking you've been eating. you can't figure out why you're still hungry and faint. you're sure you must have had something for a nibble, but you've really just been tasting and smelling and watching other people dine. well now we've been eating well for a week, both metaphorically and literally.

more posting to come! see? we really did get out a do a lot while she was here. and who cares if the glass museum was about to close when we got there? our wandering around and having fun doing sort of nothing abilities are epic. keep an eye on mary's blog over the weekend for the photos of fun and frolic. maybe i can get derek to put a little something up about his birthday and how we forced him to take a day off work, even though he brought his laptop with him on the road trip.

the last thing we did before taking mary to the airport:
sang along to the movie josie and the pussycats!