30 August 2009

i should be doing homework, right?

got some reading done this afternoon, but i'll have to go over it again tomorrow. my face is in the shape of "quoi?" this evening when i think about the basics of modern political theory and the effects of realism on contemporary diplomatic strategy. maybe i at least sound smart when i talk about what confuses me. takes a big head to fit all those big words, and i have just the hat collection to prove it.

so it looks like the plan to get rid of the trees is gone. for now they have some ultrasonic thingabobbydoodle that helps them calm down and quit pooping on everyone so much. now they probably just take aim on their adversaries. don't ask me - i've only ever been hit once on the side of the car while passing under the birdy social club, and i'm pretty sure it was just from some bird making another bird laugh until they peed. that's an understandable mishap. we've all wet our pants in public at one time or another.

the boys have decided to infest the desk again. they're like little cat gargoyles that follow me around while her highness tries to claim every other spot in the house for herself. stuart copeland is, as usual, laying across my wrists while i type or google and simultaneously burrowing his forehead into the crook of my elbow, a position that can only guarantee that i waste more time looking up historical figures that share my birthday. bubba is kind enough to wander the top of the desk, jump down a step and hog the seating, then shuffle off to go splay on the rug.

holy mofo.

ahoy, i have done it at last.

stuart has finally, FINALLY been coaxed into a cat yodel! my sidekick kitty just removed his forehead from burrowing just long enough for me to rearrange my hand. when i scooted my wrist over, my non-muttering kitty meowed and let me shake him about just long enough to get the teeniest, squeakiest yodel. EEE! am i a sick person for taking joy in such a passing thing? no no no stuart, you don't have to get up now. see there? comfy now? my wrist will survive without circulation, but i can't survive without the cuteness. me likee squeaky.

there's no way i can get any homework done after this.

when my hand gets feeling again:
i'll tell you about my weekend. (but liz, i thank you for the inside info. that's what i call dodging an attitude bullet.) and i'll make derek tell about the scooters...

28 August 2009

weekend of whirlwind


the opening is tonight and i am whoop-a-dee-doo excited. somewhere around my normal stage fright time this afternoon (3pm or so) i should get the feeling that i'm going to throw up, followed by the "no one is coming to my birthday party" anxiety. by the time the reception starts it will settle down and i can breathe. i've practiced my tour speechifying, i know what i'm wearing, and i have plans to pick up a buttload of food for the whole wingding. let's hope my cuteness holds up for the evening so we can sell some season tickets.

tomorrow morning is the road rally to promote our new season. derek is heading up a group of scooters and hogs to parade around town with a banner and wear theatre shirts while demurely honking and waving. i think it'll be terribly cute, and it's a free and fun way for us to get some more attention. who in their right mind wouldn't look quizzically at a giant herd of scooters rolling down the street?

tomorrow afternoon are my auditions, which i've been shoving down people's throats to make sure everyone possible is aware. i've called in some select people to audition for me, so i'm hoping for a turnout of really good actors. missy has saved my hide and my sanity by agreeing to stage manage for me. now we can sit together behind that table and look all official and stuff.

after i recover from all that, there will be another dig in session on my homework. hehehe, i love to say that i have homework. for some reason it's funny to me. my classes are turning out to be quite interesting, even if they make me feel confused sometimes. it's important for a snarky person like me to be put into her place on an intellectual level and made to really think hard about things.

now i must run and do and be and blah bitty blah. now where did i put those notes i made for my tours? what time do we go pick everything up for tonight? do i still need to go to the post office with packages to mail? is the camera charged for the event? are the hello nametags in my car? where is my head?!?

why my brother is so damn hilarious:
chris sent us an entire box of mre food this week in the mail. right now i have a vacuum-sealed brown package on my desk that says "shortbread cookie" on it. we want to know why military rations come with cookies and tootsie rolls. is that how you bribe the locals in a war?

26 August 2009


derek has become an activist. right now he's on the phone with the audobon society. see, we have these giant sycamores out in front of our building. each year as summer turns to autumn, they attract a gigantic herd of purple martins that roost and tweet in the trees for about an hour or so each evening. this goes on from maybe august until early october, starting around 8 pm. they socialize for a bit and then go to sleep with tweety little hums.

and when i say gigantic, i mean HUGE! there have been estimates that say we get up to 200,000 birds in our neighborhood every night. the sight is spectacular. they buzz past the spires of a catholic church, take a turn past the hospital, come back around a hotel, and then lackadaisically gather in the trees. they jet between two buildings and flap flap flap past one another in grand formations, soaring up and down like dark pellets in the sky. we love to watch and listen to this in the evening. it's a comforting sign that the seasons are going to change and the world moves along.

some people are not so poetic. they think the birds are a nuisance and that the flock is the devil in the form of bird poop. they hate the noise and think the birds suck. our condo association is trying to remove the sycamores to get rid of the purple martins. how rude! don't they know the martins are protected here? doesn't it seem logical that the birds will just find another nearby set of trees (and we have some more on the other side of the building) to call home for a short time? isn't it silly to go outside of your house banging pots and pans to make 200,000 birds fly away? yes we did see someone trying that last night. just picture it for yourself when you need a good laugh.

our first response to this was to sign the petition to save the sycamores. derek has also been on the phone talking to the up with trees people. his call to audobon led to the finding that other residents have already talked to them several days in a row about this. so it looks like we may be working towards some kind of solution.

we knew when we moved in that the birds came here in the fall. perhaps others weren't so lucky, but that's no reason to get in a tizzy. we also discovered shortly after moving in that the wasps like to fly around our building; like really high up, even. some days i walk out onto my balcony and they pop up to say hello, trying to get in the house to torment the cats. they can go all the way to the 20th floor when they feel like it. these wasps are mostly friendly and just living their waspy lives, but they sure are determined little suckers. as nature would have it, the martins find the wasps quite tasty, so it would seem. voila - problem solved!

isn't this what we call, like, an ecosystem circle of life thingy? duh.

we'll see if the media gets involved. our neighbor is calling the news stations. derek has a project he can get behind, so i am proud of him. in the meantime, we can listen to the birds each night and cuddle on the sofa with the kitties.

i've said it before and i'll say it again:
the world's best cat litter really IS a wonderful thing! sherry converted over to it and thanked me for the shopping advice. finally, something that me and derek and all three cats can agree on for the litter box.

21 August 2009

wearing socks with coffee cups on them while drinking coffee

it's raining men! hallelujah! it's raining men!

okay, so maybe not, but i do love that song. on the other hand, i am finally getting paid on work i did this year. what happens when people have the wrong address for you? you sweat it out and make phone calls until your check comes in the mail. then you go to the financial aid office (i'm a college student again!) and beg for more money until they give it to you. and they say the economy is in a recession. pffft.

not many plans for the weekend. i have a work call to get ready for the big theatre party next weekend. book club is on sunday and i don't even know what i've read yet. it was probably some geeky thing about socio-whatnot, and goodness knows i have to read a lot more of that for my classes. (did i mention that i'm a college student?) funny how i actually like reading again. surely karl marx and plato will kill that urge.

i still feel off-kilter. it still feels good. no word on a new job yet, but i'm looking around to see what's out there. with my checks coming in, i can breathe until something comes along. our garage sales days are over. holly and jenny and me gave it one more shot and then just started giving stuff to the library and such. honestly, i really liked giving things away as much as i liked selling them. there is an idealist left in me yet! it stamps "sucker" on my head in magical disappearing/reappearing ink. only you can see it - i never can.

PROJECT RUNWAY!!! yes, i did slug out on the sofa with junk food and lifetime television for women all last night while letting out little squeals of joy. i still hate santino and think he's a total hack. i still adore the cackling chris march with a fervor. and yes, i watched tim gunn on the daily show as well. you can also know that he really is that sweet! i met him once in seattle and he was a complete charmer. he has excellent posture, a beautiful demeanor, and he smells nice. we heart tim gunn. as for the newbies, i'm still forming an opinion. but i'm sure mary and i will have a three hour tour of analysis over them.

the most disappointing thing i bought at the grocery store:
the organic pancake mix in a whipped cream can. sounds stupid? it was. while the idea of it was hilarious and made me impulse buy, the reality of it was dry and crunchy. the stuff was even worse in the waffle iron. i don't care what shopsmart says - don't bother.

20 August 2009

while talking to mary on the phone...

since i'm so lazy, i considered starting a twitter account that i could update from my phone. then i remembered that i'm also kind of boring and crazy. no one needs a twitter update that i'm sitting around playing with my toes and making animal noises. (yes, i still do that! it's a soothing thing for me.) for now you'll just have to imagine the slightly amped-up things i do with my spare time.

derek and cameron and me have decided that the past tense verb for twitter is now twat. as in, "i twat about myself today." it sounds funnier that way.

so..... what else? i started school again last week. this is my final year before the inevitable getting of the bachelors' degree. so far i have no papers due, less reading than i thought, and long drives filled with george's car karaoke and npr podcasts. my professors seem to understand my overdeveloped sense of humor in a way that lets me get away with comparing international political theory to 80's teen movies. "heathers" is a great metaphor for terrorism, don't you know. que sera sera, i say. speaking of which, i still have to take a frikkin' spanish class for the degree. can i just say now that i really don't like spanish? it beats studying cherokee, but it still blows. (don't ask.) at least i can get it over with in a short-term class and be done with it. as of may i will officially be smart.

my summer job has ended and my new job hunt has begun. i could go back to the old place, but it's not actually an appealing prospect. i'm trying to live on student loans and random cash until i find something new just to avoid getting stuck back in the same rut of drama. if you know of a cool thing i could do in the mornings for money lemme know. another xmas season in the bowels of hell just might break me.

this week i'm concentrating on getting my homework done and helping plan the big theatre party. i painted benches and stuff like a karate kid last weekend until i thought my hand would fall off. my auditions are coming up soon (hey liz!) for the play in october. i'm turning into a turbo-nerd filled with factoids about the death penalty and socio-political crap, as poor linsey found out during lunch yesterday. if i can just get a good turnout and cast people who are all more talented than me, that should take the pressure off of my directing. i like being able to turn people loose and then gently guide them into moving around the stage while speaking up in a louder voice.

my greatest joys of the week:
a new video on cat yodeling! eee!
my pigtails
a "go to hell" notepad