30 November 2009

happy burfday to meeeeee

so, i am total rock star!

last night we had my birthday party over at india palace. in addition to having mango ice cream and a scrotum cake for dessert (just go google gulab jamun. yes liz, i also have a thing about calling them nutsacs, balls, or testicles!) after consuming vast amounts of F-U-D, we had a sort of crafty evening. see, i never know what i want for my birthday anymore, but i do know that i love to have theme parties.

last year's party was my presidential theme. i was finally old enough to become president, so we had everyone dress in red, white, and blue while i named them all to my cabinet. i made my friends tell me all about their volunteer work. i made them donate to causes in their community or give to people in some small and direct way. i got letters about planned parenthood, animal shelters, political parties, and the like. friends gave away books to the library and took clothing to homeless shelters. people donated money to cool nonprofits that i like. it was pretty neat... and the sparkly cupcakes rhiannon made for me didn't hurt.

this year i decided the theme should be going postal. bonnie, don't hurt me! hehehe. it would seem that my postcard collection has grown into an over-bloated whale of paper. how guilty i felt that they all just sat there with nowhere to go! feeling shamed from postal neglect, i tried to think of ways to reach out and say hi to people. getting happy mail helps to shield people from all those bills.voila! a lightbulb hit me that i hadn't had a postal party since that time back in seattle with my peeps there, so i gathered all the posties and stickers and sharpies under my guard and toted them off to the indian joint. i got a group of about twenty friends together for dinner and mail. people were a bit shy and confused at first when i spread out all the doodads. then we got going and everyone got more excited about my plan.

"i do demand on my queen for a day celebration that you bring your address books! i've got gobs of all the other supplies for us to send out cool correspondence to people. no xmas stuff allowed. remember stamps? pens? real live addresses? well, what i want for my birthday this year is to grace people's mailboxes with fun mail, just because we can."

once i explained the email i had sent out, they got to it with gusto! i forced them to grab the epistolary schtuffies and told them to just say hi to people. i let them rip through my supplies like little kids. they squealed with joy at the lovely greetings they were sending out and watched the pile grow as the evening went along. everyone seemed almost grateful that they could bring some tiny surprise to post. see there? just because i'm bossy doesn't mean it can't be a good thing.

let me tell you this: we started off with a roll of postcard stamps. that's 100 stamps. i came home with about 30 stamps, and even had to bust into the other stash for some international mail. i literally had a whomping STACK of postcards to go out today! some people even took a few finished products home to scan in or add zip codes or whatever else before sending even more happy mail out into the world. wowee, if this is what it's like not asking for birthday presents, count me in.

speaking of which, i did get some super duper cool gifties, too! more stickers, an art journal, a tim burton bio, a weaving loom, a peacock feather hairpiece, new jewelry, and even a fresh homemade key lime pie! that's what i get for not being greedy. great loot comes to those who force real live human social interaction upon their friends. hey, i'm not ALL touchy-feely about the gifts for other people thing. i can stand to get some royal treatment here and there. what narcissistic crazy person could resist some fawning, right? scott even took me and julie out for sushi today. nummy num num. now that's what i call giving.

personal songs for many occasions:
theme song - georgy girl
really pissed off - across the universe
thinking hard and fast - downtown
sentimentally gloopy - smile
gleeful - spiderman theme song
frustrated with myself - never enough
crazy panic mode - a daisy chain 4 satan
pensive - moonlight sonata
feeling goofy - spice up your life
wistfully hopeful - where the streets have no name
longing - i know it's gonna happen someday
excited about stuff - message in a bottle