17 June 2009

nuwsed items... ren and stimpy's stimulus plan

why have i been too busy to write? we've been spending money! we've become shopaholics! throwing caution to the wind, we've been nesting and making purchases to enjoy.

in the past month, i've gotten some new shelves for the house, a fluffy skirt or two, a fabulous stacking fridge and freezer that fit way better in my kitchen, and even a bicycle! the bike is a really big deal for me. i'm finally overcoming my fear of being on two wheels again by riding around town on a vintage sears "free spirit" model with a lovely devil bike horn. i still need to go pick up a groovy wicker basket to complete the look. then i can whoosh about with my new ipod touch. derek was so jealous i got home one as well.

we also got a new scooter for derek! it's a beautiful silver 150, and if you ask him nicely, we might get him to post some photos of his new ride. his scooty scoot (and new helmet) even matches my car - tee hee. like matching phone numbers wasn't enough, right? i might even make him take some shots of our new dining table and chairs. they are tres chic and teeny tiny. wow, we're almost like real adults, not even eating on the coffee table all the time. now i can bake in my new silicone bakeware (without even being sad) and serve it up all proper-like.

oh, and of course i've been indulging my need for new art. my collection has developed quite nicely. we've gotten some great original pieces by local artists for a steal. not only that, but we've been creating art with some metal grating pieces on the wall, invisible cords, and some of our favorite postcards.

how on earth can we afford all this terrific stuff? one word: USED. thanks to the power of strategic trading, thrift stores, refurb items, garage sales, and the ever-holy craigslist, it really is still possible to get out there and shop. in fact, it's our responsibility as cogs in the economic system. i like getting little doodads for the house, so i see what i need and what's out there. craigslist has blissfully made it possible for me to scavenge-shop without having to drive around in the summer heat, but i've also been keeping my eyes peeled when i'm out there.

the even better part? we've sold a ton of items, too. holly and jenny and me have been doing the garage sale thing when we have time. derek and i have been selling stuff online - so more buig ups to craigslist and other places. we've been embracing the cycle of life; that is, in terms of stuff. trash and treasure, eh? yessirree! i never knew i could really have this much space in my closet!

the thing about culling your stuff is that you realize what you need. you think about what you use on a regular basis. you see what you're holding on to out of guilt or obligation. you forget why you loved that thing all over the country. there are moments when you cling to your possessions screaming " but i might NEED it again!" when the terror subsides, you have the clarity to invite someone else over to look over it all with you and make decisions about what truly belongs in your life.

one friend is honest enough to say "your snappy shirts are dead and you need to let them go." another person remarks on how open your house is now. someone remarks that they're reorganizing and need a way to get all those cords under control, so you gift them your bag of flex-tubing (which you got for free anyway) so they can wrap them all up in a neat row.

sure sure sure - some things are going to stay in your house anyway. do you need all that stationery? hell no, but you at least promise to stop buying any more until you make a dent in what you have. should anyone own that many **insert your silly penchant here** in their lives? probably not, but you just donated recycled or donated every old magazine in your living room, so it's okay to indulge a bit.

a funny thing happens after all this: getting rid of what you don't need or want becomes easier. you think about how happy it would make someone ELSE. you can give it away. you can trade with your peeps. you can sell it. no matter what you do, it's moved on in the circle and been recycled to better place. it's both economical and green, so you feel good about taking a bite outta your hoarding habits. then you can go out and get a few used items and supplies for creating in your daily treasure hunt for fun, too!

believe me, i would much rather have a new/used (nuwsed?) silicone cupcake pan than an old pile of dusty action figures. and i think there are people out there who are happy to make the trade with me.

what else is of interest this month:
a new gig - i finally quit my old job! eee!