22 August 2008

inside the head

some thoughts i had today:

i wish i were an artist, but at least i'm a lover of art.
portland doesn't want me to get a doughnut... why?!?!
oh well, fuck it.
i heart my new shoes.
do we have any more milk for the cereal?
i hope this trip is good for me in some way.
toni colette is really gorgeous.
why bother getting out? i'd have to put on clothes and be around people.
if i go to pioneer square, i could ride a ferry by myself.
i'm going home sooner than i thought.
stuart has the cutest meow. dizzy should get shaved.
ho hum.
fucking stupid internet connection is out to get me.
it must be time for my shot.
i should call amy and jen to make plans.
where are my pants?
of course things don't work out the way you wanted them to.
there goes the phone again.
that would be too fucking easy. it makes me laugh.
i miss derek.
let's eat meat tonight.
that sure was one ugly baby in that photo.

what i plan to do with my evening:
not one fucking clue

15 August 2008

can i stuff my face, please?

in short, i've eaten my body weight in F-U-D since getting to seattle. i'm pretty sure i'm going to come home in a mumu, or else wrapped in a gaudy plastic tarp so that you can just hose the crumbs and sauce from my torso with ease. then they can just slide me down the luggage ramp and derek can haul me of from baggage claim with a forklift in a few weeks.

okay, so maybe i haven't eaten quite as much as i think. alice still has all of her limbs, and i've only bitten a few people at work. then again, i like to bite people when i get nervous. don't judge - it's my thing. (the funky laughter isn't nerves. it's just who i am.) overall, i think i'm going to sample as much of the cuisine as i can possibly stand until i start feeling guilty about money and start living solely off of the ten tons of cereal we bought at the ghetto grocery outlet. and no, mary, i'm not going to crack anytime soon. we went to dick's for dinner last night and ate lunch at ikea today. jen is supposed to call after she gets off work so that we can go out and be fabulous. i'm pretty sure that more food will be involved in this evening.

yes, i am having a good time. i'm seeing some people that i missed. i'm working a lot and feeling useful at my job. i've been shopping at ikea AND archie mcphee's so far this week. i went to daiso last week, but i'm saving the shoe bonanza for just a bit longer. (stopped in without my wallet to say hello already, though...) we've driven all over hell and back, with both alice and i discovering places in the area where we've never been before. i still have to ride a ferry and visit a few more peeps, but i've got a decent amount of time off to go piddle. i have to pace myself - there is soooooo much mroe food to be consumed, you know.

good purchases i've made already:
metal boxes for alice
knee high socks in chinatown
monkey band-aids

11 August 2008

i'm here and i'm a big wackadoodle.

how could i have forgotten to bring a turtleneck with me to seattle?!? i should have relished in the opportunity to at least wear it at night sometime. oh well. whaddaya gonna do, right? i've got sleeves and i've got a jacket and i'm not feeling completely vomitatious when i go out for ten minutes, so i'm not going to get greedy now. (even though i heard it's down to like 80 degrees at home right now... since i left... and now i'm totally convinced of my "spark plug, the catalyst of doom" status. but let's hope liz is feeling better for now.) the windows are open and there's a sweet evening breeze, so i'm just going to leave it at that. i can always buy a turtleneck while i'm here. one can never have too many turtlenecks in their arsenal, now can they?

my sleep schedule is for shit this week. i flew in the wee hours, then got here in the middle of the day. i've been sleeping in a new place. this weekend i started work on the overnight shift, but tomorrow i have to be there at 6 am to help open up things. yes, i am a crazy person. it's part of my charm.

one nice thing i did for me today:
had great ethiopian food for dinner. yum.