18 September 2010


today is a lazy day. i keep wondering how i get so exhausted when it feels like i don't get much of anything done. true enough, i do have somewhat of a tight schedule, but does running from place to place and taking little notes on my steno pad count as large amounts of activity?

stuart copeland has become quite chatty as of late. he has the wimpiest voice ever, so this new development obviously fills me with glee. his meow is like that of a teeny tiny kitten. eee! hearing that come out of a twelve pound ball of fuzz is enough to make anyone melt.

you would be proud of me. not only did i get some decent books read before the next book salon, but one of them was even a fiction novel. that is so not the norm for me. i don't know when i made the leap to primarily reading non-fiction, but it's hard for me to do any fiction longer than a short story these days. i can tell you that confessions of an ugly stepsister was worth the effort for me. maybe i'll even try another one this month.

the new job is going along swimmingly so far. they think i'm doing something right, i still have a job, and everyone seems pleased. fingers crossed for more progress.

think i should hit the greek festival today. already have plans to go see this opera preview thingy this evening before i go off to a coffeehouse. me, busy? never.

indulgence of wonderfulness:
sushi boat!

04 September 2010

where does the time go?

it almost feels as if the past month has slipped away from me. i've gotten a new job, a new computer, a new keyboard that i haven't quite bonded with just yet, and it feels like there is a whole new season finally beginning. some people see autumn as the end of things, but i think that's when the world begins anew for me. after a few months of drudgery and sweating, i can finally breathe.

i'm sure if i look back to each of my autumn postings, i would see that same theme again, too. at the start of each calendar year, i take time to see where i have been and where i'm headed, and when lent comes to me, i decide which modifications i wanna make in my life, but it's really this time of year that seems to breed real change for me. it also turns out to be the busiest time in my life.

new theatre season and opening parties. new employment. new contract jobs to go along with said employment. new technology, both purchased and learned. new opportunities for me to do new stuff. new ways for me to be a complete jackass. new contacts every week. it's a bit overwhelming, really, to think of my sponge-like absorbency of information in the past few weeks. no wonder i slept well into the afternoon today. ah yes, the joys of being a "growed-up" type. first i lay around for hours on my day off, then i eat pb&j for breakfast.... i mean brunch, all while watching ripley saving newt and corbin saving leeloo. moooll-teee-passsss.

oh, and i got to go backwards this week, too. remember how you always wanted to cut class just to hang out in the rooms with the cool kids? i spent the whole day on thursday in high school art and drama rooms (as part of my new job - no shit, man!) and got to hear an author's lecture to boot. high school is way more fun when you're pushing 40. amy sedaris was definitely on to something good.

my totally exciting week also included rearranging the living room and getting a new cup. am i fabulous or what? oh, and then there are those pesky things like work, rehearsals, and the occasional brushing of my hair. somewhere in all that i found time to commit to judging little children in a halloween costume contest, because i'm of the few people in town who's not afraid to make the little darlings cry on their little pillows. tonight i'm off to the theatre to see some friends in a promisingly kitschy show. there's nothing like prison girls, right?

project of the week:
hanging my first art show at the new gig