29 March 2012

random side notes - chapter twenty nine

in going back to my old school ways - and i'm not just talking about my laziness taking over the ability to use proper capitalization, which also happens in my handwriting, just in case you wanted to know what the hell that's all about - i present to you another installment of weird shit i think about when i start whacking away at the keyboard!  music, texting, typing, drinking diet dr. pepper, hanging out with mr. bubbas and stuart copeland while derek takes a nap.  sounds like a good evening.

it seems to me that i'm very opinionated today.  a comment here, a tirade there, and all is right with the whapping noise in my head.  if you know me, no further elaboration should be necessary here.

since giving myself the edict that i will write more, i've amazingly begun to write more.  it might be due to the fact that i've made my self-imposed declaration public as of late.  kinda like when you tell your friends to slap that cookie outta your hand because your pants aren't fitting quite right.  i hate buying new pants, therefore i write something every single day lately.  do grocery lists count?

on with the show!  ep auditions are coming up and it's pretty exciting.  can't wait to see what kind of crazy shit the kids come up with this year.  the scripts range from bizarre to sweet, with a little of everything in between.  way less death than usual, oddly enough.

why do i have so many fucking apps on my stuff?  do i even know what everything does?  i think i should go on an app tour on my own electronic devices.  it's time for some virtual spring cleaning up in this joint.  what the heck is urbanspoon anyway?  if i wanna eat, i go eat.  that's not so hard.  it's just food and i like just about all kinds of food.  who needs a spoon going around trying to tell them how to live their lives?  i thought the spoon took off with a fork or something.  i'm so not gonna get involved in some freaky utensil love affair.  marriage equality for kitchen goods, i say!

and that was prolly a big signal that i should supplement my caffeine with food. 

anyone else ever accidentally buy a cd again because you thought you had lost it, only to figure out that it's totally in your hard drive already?  yeah, that was me this week.  damn pink martini just had me all up in a tizzy from giving such a kick ass show.  i shoulda listened to veronica when i had the chance to put away my wallet.  well, pee, as i might say.  what a great cuss word.  pee.

so now that i've opened my giant mouth to sing in public, i'm into trying more things that scare the crap outta me.  once you've been in the pool, your toes just need another dip.  i certainly hope that this is turning out to be my healthy way of living with unpredictability.  can you get an adrenaline rush simply from having the balls to be yourself in front of people?  yikes, that's a scary thought just in itself.  one i'll most likely be asking about and throwing around in my noggin for days.

is that chinese food i smell amongst my leftovers?  woot!  this year's secular lent has been kinda harder than i imagined it would be, but i bet my wallet is thanking me.  i'm totally gonna go out for a royal feast when this is over and over-tip to the max.  any suggestions as to what the extravagance should be will be welcomed.  for now, i gotta get me some F-U-D.

27 March 2012

It's dusty in here

Some of you like to do spring cleaning around the house, while some of you like to to it in mind/body/whatever. I think I need to do it on the old computer for a change. Since that's where at least part of my brain gets left - usually in the middle of the night - now seems like just as good of a time as any to get out the cobwebs.

Return of a blog! I've left it quite dank and dreary around this place for like, A YEAR or so. Whoops. My Bad. Not that I've expected anyone to be hanging on my every word here. oh yes, I'm totally fabulous, of course, but not really that interesting on a daily basis. But still, what do you say to yourself (i.e. who I usually think I'm writing to here) after a year hiatus that will seem... I dunno, maybe earth-shattering? Important? Worthwhile? Hell if I know. "I'm back and I hope I can be back for a long time." "Look at me! WHOOOO!" "Hey world, I'm so fancy." Sure. I give a big fat whatever to that.

No? No takers on the fancy thing? Okay then. Maybe we can start smaller.

Hi there.