20 June 2010

summer slug

okay, so my last post was a total slack, but i have to admit that i was in a hurry and still wanted to get something out there. it was more like a reminder to myself that i need to communicate with the world. hence, i've been getting out there and doing stuff.

holly might think that i'm always going about 400 miles an hour, but in truth i am a socially awkward slug who likes to sleep just as much as she does. the only reason i cultivate my inability to say no is to keep me from staying holed up all the time. if i have a reason to leave the house, i'll actually get out of bed. if there's nothing to do, then it's a toss-up. moving towards my desk isn't that hard, but putting on real clothes and getting out there is more difficult, especially in the summer months. with all this air-conditioning at my disposal in here, why should i venture into the humidity? having my pantsies stick to my butt and my fat folds get all moist isn't exactly my idea of a good time.

like for instance, last night i had real plans to go to an art thingy. the next thing i knew, i was dusting wildly and cooking surplus meals for the week. my plans for a hip saturday night turned into "things i should get done" and fabulous excuses not to sweat any more for the day. at least i did have holly over for a while yesterday after auditions. see? i took on another project to make me socialize. it's only a ten minute play, but that's all i can handle during summer camp. after messaging a few people to see what they were doing last night, i started rooting around the house and ended up getting my 1950's on for the evening. and yes, i did put on some lipstick to add to the total effect. who can cook and clean without a stitch of makeup on to make them feel pretty? i mean, really.

today i plan to bask in... nothing much. just this week julie asked me where i got all my energy to take on new projects here and there with such little notice. this must be the place, julie. my whole schedule so far? get up. put hair in ponytail. make coffee. goof off. drink coffee. take medication. make waffles. goof off some more. peruse internet. listen to christina aguilera. twitter for no reason. drink more coffee. stare at cats. stare at derek. write in blog. hey there! it sounds like i've really gotten something done today! i'm sure i could add a few more teensy things to my list to bulk it up, like had to pee, or put away waffle ingredients. there is my exciting life. oh, and i just poured the last of the coffee.

what christina says:
thanks for makin' me a fighter

09 June 2010

for those who like mail





what i'm doing:
running around like a crazy person! the more things change, the more they stay the same, huh? if i ever become too calm you might wanna slap me or stick a mirror under my nose, just to check.

08 June 2010

miss george goes to town

well, ep turned out as a success and all my little chickens seemed pleased with themselves. from what i can tell, everyone had a good time with the whole thing overall. i'll be writing up an overview from my side. they all wanna do it again next year and i hope the feedback we got supports that notion. did it drive me bonkers some days? yup. would i do it again? without even a second thought. is it okay to be proud of myself just a little on this one? the last time i put together something even remotely like this was with an original sketch comedy group. it's only a vague comparison, but it had enough drama with only a few of us to be in the realm of comparable to this. and we all had cars to get to rehearsal.

next week i start teaching again, so i must take george out of the equation and put some miss george back into it. see, miss george is a kinder version that isn't allowed to say motherfucker when the actors are being freaky. kinda what i had to do on ep, but with even smaller people in the mix. sometimes they don't really speak in complete sentences that i can understand, like a secret code that i have to learn as the summer passes. perhaps hey feel the same way about me on that point. as long as i've had some coffee first, i can handle anything.

scott and i were talking last week about the ability to make a difference with the arts. besides using a lot of four letter words in the conversation, the gist of it was that we've both reached---

holy shit! derek and stuart copeland are bonding!!! it's a freaking miracle!!! if i weren't here to see it myself there is no way i would believe it. my cat, who loves only me and follows me around the house like a dog, is talking to derek. this didn't even happen while i was living in seattle and these two were here without me. he just rubbed up on derek's belly! no really, this is a big fat deal, i swear. whoa. i'm floored here.

--reached a point where we take seriously the advice we once got... rehearse lots and lots, have an ego, don't give a shit if anyone likes it or not. i don't mean any of this in a bad way, either. it's a tool to keep yourself going on a project when you're not sure at the beginning just how it'll turn out and you wanna be confident anyway. it also helps you enjoy the time you're spending on the project, because you don't care about butts in seats or what people think or anything. you are really learning how to just play and have fun. of course we all want to feel some inkling of making a difference, but it's become clear to me that if it's only with yourself, that's just super and piss on all else.

maybe my penchant for juvenile actions has become more prominent again. i went through a phase where i tried to be nice and please everyone. that was exhausting. being diplomatic isn't exactly my strong suit, but i find that if i'm at least genuine and (oh, let's call it) forthright, i can smile pretty and get away with some social faux pas in the process. knowing how to apologize in a sincere way should count as part of being tactful in my world.

in fact, the teens i was with are a good example of that. in one sense, they're more sensitive and volatile than the adults i talk to; and yet, they were also completely callous to any sort of sarcasm and craved getting a critique each night. you feel it coming off their skin when they want you to back off and stay away from them or come closer and be involved. they're a total mystery to me in the coolest way. can i be more like them? it's not an eternal youth, wishing i was back there at their age thing. i just dig their company because i feel like it's easy to see where you stand on a daily basis. adults confuse me most the time. even i confuse me most of the time. it could all just be a lesson in simplicity. nevertheless, this whole being cool with kids thing is a real shocker to me. i mean, come on. aren't i the one who makes people cry? (p.s. no one copped to any crying on ep, and i never saw it, so no dollars were handed out.) and aren't teenagers known for their wild mood swings? me plus the "hormones with feet" crowd should be like an explosion waiting to happen. the fact that it hasn't been that way so far and i have so much fun in spite of the facial tics they induce... this equation is seriously messing with my tiny brain.

it could be that i refuse to grow up. this can be my achilles heel on occasion. if you see me on the floor throwing a tantrum, don't be too surprised. just give me candy and then ignore me while i flop around making weird noises. i'm crazy like that.

random fact about me:
i like to take cheese slices and fold them into even smaller cheese slices until they are teeny tiny cheese bits that i can pop into my face as a snack.

02 June 2010

food! glorious food!

derek just made me steak for my late supper - WOOHOOOOO!!! not just any steak, mind you, but some mighty tasty bacon-wrapped filet mignon. does this boy love me or what? it's amazing what secrets the freezer can hold in an attempt to make people stop going out to eat all the time. hey, i figured that since restaurants are my wallet's achilles heel, i should just splurge on the fridge to help me save money in the long run. thanks to derek's cooking skills and my late rehearsals in prep for this weekend's show, it is paying off in nummy nummy ways.

speaking of food, kris is having a blast with audrey in the kitchen, and i'm also having fun reading all about it. it would seem that i can also save money by having them cook for me when they come to town again. since a two year old girl can cook more dishes than i can, may as well take advantage of the situation. do you think audrey will give me some handy tips?

ryan came over monday night to dork out. our usual routine as of late is to eat chili and have me laugh while she plays video games with derek. just to change it up, we finished all the thank you notes for her graduation with my secret stash of cards and stickers. in exchange, she took me and derek out for a mountain of chinese food that lasted me until lunchtime today. then we came back to the house and gorged our tiny brains on many episodes of daria. it's nice to have a friend who can throw down like a show down with you when it comes to eating meat and veggies.

if only holly had been with us that night! instead, she texted me yesterday with an intense sushi craving. unfortunately, i had to get to the theatre in time and all the favorite places we tried didn't open up until at least five. we had to settle for some nicely smoked salmon and cucumbers at cosmo. i tried to make up for the disappointment by ordering some of their faboo italian nachos and the two of us scraped the plate until no cheese was left in sight.

uhhh, did i mention that i like to eat?

in an effort to keep some real f-u-d in my gullet, we've instituted the healthy snack bucket on the kitchen counter. it's filled with clif bars, dried fruit thingies, oranges and the like. you know how they say out of sight, out of mind? the first bit of nosh i see when i come into the kitchen is a pile of things that are okey dokey for nibblies. good habits abound in the food station. i blame megan and sparrowe for this one. they turned me into that person that doesn't keep total crap in the house anymore... without me even realizing the transformation had happened! yikes!

thank goodness there is a quiktrip on every corner. when the junk food monster claws at my back, i can always go grab a stick of food from the hot rolly wheels. mmmmm, taquito. hey, i have managed to keep my post-lent vow on really limiting my intake of sodie pop, and i can only be so good at this whole healthy food thing. every girl needs a vice or two. or however many it is that i have these days. i lost count again. who cares? i'd rather be kinda fat. maybe i should write a book with that title. bet it would sell a bajillion copies out of commiseration alone, don't you think? then i can jaunt from place to place on my massive book tour all over the country, toting books down the street and running all over the place to stay healthy. your copy will have a personalized signature with a funny comment, i promise. just don't ask what i ate that day.

i'm curious:
anyone wanna go see the wnba team with me? no, i don't hate all sports, contrary to popular belief. it's just the cultish effect with certain sports that leaves me cold.