30 November 2007

happy soggy birthday to me

since derek had some work to get done and i wanted to be a crazy person for my birthday, we're in los angeles for the weekend. ah yes - a couple of days to enjoy the beach, take in the ambiance of it all, see some old friends. plenty of time to get some sun and walk around enjoying the sights. you know what? it's raining cats and dogs outside. every time the rain seems to let up for a minute, BAM! on comes another onslaught out of the sky. the catalyst of doom strikes again! welcome to sunny suckifornia.

he has to go and a do a thing with that guy today. my original plan was to head over to santa monica and stroll. since i have no umbrella (and i'm honestly not willing to make the meager investment for no good reason) it's a whole new plan. it's a mysterious plan. it's innovative and spontaneous. okay, so really, i have no idea what on earth the plan is anymore. all i know is we're supposed to be going out with tara and maegan later this evening. we'll just wing it from here and hopefully make it to dinner on time.

what i had for breakfast at the la quinta:
WAFFLES! of course.