20 June 2008

this way and that way - part one

woohoo, i am a freaking well-worn traveller. sort of.

places i have been lately:
detroit, michigan area
sylvania, ohio
toledo, ohio
windsor, ontario
dallas, texas
a truck stop where we all bought hats (see mary's blog)
downtown to nick and megan's wedding

places i am going soon:
guthrie, oklahoma
seattle, washington
maybe a day in portland or vancouver - why not?

when i told people i was going to detroit, they just looked at me with a "quoi?" face of confusion and watched me bouncing around with joy. dude, didn't they know i was going to get to meet someone with whom i'd been exchanging mail for like, five years? and didn't they know it was close enough to go across the border for dinner? and didn't they know i would be wearing a turtleneck after memorial day?!?! holy fuck, i even got to go and visit ohio for the first time since it was only an hour away!

i got to meet megan in michigan! you know what? i never even realized we knew each other from the internet. now really, that IS how we met, but the exchange of mail just seemed to make me forget about the whole online thing. maybe you see someone differently after you've seen their handwriting for a long time. it's more personal that way. it made for a much less awkward initial meeting of "helloooo, oh it's you, and how nice...." after a few moments of panic on the way to met for dinner and a few more of stammering when we sat down for dinner, it was like i had known her for a long time. of course! i HAD known her for a long time! she sends some of the best mail i've ever gotten. did i really expect her not to be the kind, sarcastic, fun-loving, generous, slightly scattered person i had already come to like her as for all this time? duh.

we ate food, we saw art, we walked around, we laughed. we took awful cellphone photos. (her daughter was so cute and sooooo ready to pose for the camera - what a doll) we took wrong turns to get to the hotel. we talked about getting food on our shirts. we got food on our shirts... or at least i did. seriously, my trip to detroit was really fun. so what in the hell do people know, right?

or, as holly might put it - "oh, i don't know. why does anybody do anything anyway?" wowee, girlparty 2008 really brought out the philosopher in holly. even after we gave her wine and threatened to hit her in the face. (you must know us to love us) more on that next time...

stuff i bought on my trip up north:
postcard art
a domino cityscape
canadian maple syrup