03 February 2008

whether the weather be...

it snowed a few days ago. today was about 70F. welcome to oklahoma.

it'll probably snow later this week if i'm a good guesser. weather is an exciting thing around here, believe it or not. now you see why. personally, i just want to know what the hell to put on when i get up without having to reinvent my outfit halfway through the day. yes, i do already layer! it mostly pays off since i can rearrange what i'm wearing like a garanimal kid once the morning dew burns off. maybe i should just keep a suitcase in the car. but really... should i look like i changed clothes just because the rush hour has passed?

dizzy had her checkup and she's okay dokey. she did NOT have to be sedated for grooming. i don't know what kind of crack they served her in the cat treats at the vet's office, but i want one to keep as a spare for when i'm having a bad day. the doctor says she's "just a fattie" kitty in super normal shape. jeez, i can't believe she behaved so well for them. how come i get to deal with the three faces of dizzy?!?

when it comes to derek, she's all purrs and cuddles. when it comes to me, she can be a demon cat from hell. when i warn people of her moods, she acts like i'm a nutjob by proving me wrong no matter what. depending on whatever changing second of the day it is, dizzy can be:
1. i'm a princess who is terribly jealous if i'm not the center of attention, but don't you dare touch me or i'll kill you. but really, at least try to touch me. that'll put you close enough to bow at my feet and adore me.
2. i hate you all. i hate you i hate you i hate you!!!
3. love me, i'm cute and fluffy and lonely. i lurrrve you baby. scratch behind my ears. look at how cuuuuute i am. meow.

i think i'll put her on valium. KIDDING! (for now) let's just wait and see if having a spot on her butt shaved - because she was too damn lazy to groom herself properly - will give her just enough humility to get over herself. i'm the big kitty around here!

now is the time for me to go to the closet and come up with four different options on what to wear tomorrow, just in case. holy, bejeezus, i don't want to make zhen a pucker-faced pickle, but it's freaking february and i've got the balcony door open because it was too hot in here! this is come crazytown shit going on here. see why i'm always buying all those thin little shirts that'll go over or under something and a million tank tops? ahh, those balmy winter nights have me confused as hell. and i'm FROM here. it's not like it's a shocker that it'll happen; if only i could actually plan it ahead of time.

what i'm listening to on my NEW! computer:
juno soundtrack