03 July 2010

happy birthday, country

for some reason, my reverent side has poked its node into my business. i've inadvertently become party to a debate about independence day. as a holiday, i'm not really into it. too much beer and partying and not enough remembering the reasons behind why it's there. this year i'm going to spend some time reading historical documents and thinking. maybe i'll even wander off to the library today to stare at some historical maps that show the changes we've gone through over the years. i heart maps - they have so much information! between that and the constitution, i could get lost for hours. see you next winter.

okay, so if it doesn't storm (as expected) then i'll prolly go out on the fire escape and also watch the pretty pretty lights in the sky as well. who doesn't like shiny fireworks? hmmm, could be that plenty of people don't like them, but that was a rhetorical question anyway. but i don't like the lake or huge parties with crowds of idiots or traffic with shitty drivers or that other stuff. it's nice to be able to celebrate from the comfort of my building. after being here for a while now, it's getting a homey feel to me. can you believe it's been this long since we've moved around the country? i feel downright settled.

now it's other people's turns to move and leave me here. megan had to retire from the ballet earlier this spring due to persistent injuries, so she decided that she wants to go to college and started applying all over the place. i can't wait for her to turn into some linguistics geek, but she got in to a ritzy college on the east coast, so they'll be off and moving in a couple of months. it makes me sickly grateful that she had to have another surgery and thus needs some company to keep her entertained over the summer. now her whole family is going to be on the east coast with nick and i'll be waving in the wheat and heat with derek. time for a vacation? that would be a definite yes.

with most of my peeps on each coast, what's a girl to do? for a while were we gypsies without the stevie nicks accoutrements and covered caravans. now we're stable and planted, which would normally freak me out in the worst way. have i become rigid? am i in a rut? some days i have to remind myself that it's okay to have an absence of chaos in my life.

chaos is like crack to me, a kryptonite that i can't seem to shake. there's this one side of me that has a very regimented schedule all done up in color coding (thank you vee! you rock!) and notations, but the other side of me truly needs the unexpected to fall in my lap. it must come from my ability to get bored with things. although i've never had a gift for balancing the total onslaught of stimuli with the scent of the familiar, it keeps things interesting. poor derek. how it must suck for him on days when he just wants to lay around with no pants and i'm all up in a tizzy with twitchiness.

speaking of twitchy, i'm waiting to hear back about the job interview. i've gone beyond my superstitious side into actually thinking positively on this one. ack! i'm so used to waiting for the other shoe to drop... on my head. honestly, this was the most comfortable interview i've ever had, which is saying a lot for me. i normally start babbling about really weird shit when i get nervous and blow it right there. things seemed to go smoothly enough and it's a hopeful situation, so we'll see.

anybody got one extra sparkler i can have? i do like those.

random fact about me:
i hate it when the microwave timer doesn't get reset after use.