29 August 2007

mountain time zone travels

soooooo... monday night we got on our way.

yesterday we went through the rest of washington, oregon, idaho, and got a hotel in ogden. we're passing through utah into wyoming today! the cats are taking it pretty well and sniffing the hell outta each hotel room. going on the road with animals means toting lots of extra stuff into the room. they even have their own suitcase. we are once again reminded of what it must be like to have children.

i'm having waffles for breakfast every day. yes, the beloved (and often made fun of) la quinta provides you with more than just a mere "continental" piece of crap in the mornings. waffles! fruit! free internet connection! just in case you were wondering, they don't have a denny's next door to all of them.

more as we get up and get along...

what you should see:
the super cute and dorky movie on mary's blog that she made about the miracle washer she bought this year. it's proof that she uses soap every time.

27 August 2007

it's moving day again!

today we are moving to oklahoma. to be more specific, we're moving back to tulsa. if all goes to our plans we should be there sometime this weekend. no, NOT somewhere new, but like a whole new place after everything that's gone on in the past couple of years. we also bought property in honor of the occasion. oooo-weeee, a little condo to call our own! do we know how to raise a hubbub or what?

strange how it feels more like we're just moving to another city and not so much (as one might have expected) like going home. i can't wait to see what awaits us this time...

the last thing i'm going to pack:
toilet paper!

13 August 2007

the eddie izzard redemption

we went to the show tonight and had a faboo time. it was helpful for me to see someone with so much experience looking a bit uneasy. allow me to explain what i mean. see, the show is titled "work in progress" and you can tell the material is still shifting. as always with eddie izzard, you have a hard time telling when he's just stalling to remember the next thing or just milking the moment for as long as possible. maybe it's a combination of both, with some dabbling in variation throw into the mix to keep things fresh.

whatever the truth might be, it was a fun show and i'm forever happy about going and being one of the dorks who hung out at the stage door to meet him afterwards. in case you're wondering... no, i did NOT repeat the former humiliation. can you believe it?!?

as luck would have it, scott and i are working on a show right now. we've been working out some details and rehearsing over the phone for a few weeks now. (you can insert all the jokes about "phoning it in" here.) being that i'm directing scott in a one-man show, i thought it would be helpful to ask for advice about having to be all alone out there and keep people's attention for a long time. did i mention that eddie izzard's show was just over two hours with no intermission? i don't care who you are - that takes balls. i like people with balls. so we waited outside very patiently and were the very last people to talk to him before he headed off into the night with his peeps. derek got his ticket signed (if you give eddie izzard the choice of green or pink, he'll pick pink every time) while i chatted away. we exchanged some pleasantries and i got some decent reminders that you have to rehearse a lot, pump yourself up in the ego, and then just not care if people like you or not when you're in a performance. DUH. it's so simple and yet just what i had forgotten. here i thought i was just coming up with something to say that was less than asinine, and in the end it was just the thing to get him jabbering away like an idiot.

human quirkiness is a suit worn well by the best of us.

on the way to the car i did actually remark to derek out loud, "i think it was just really nice to see him look that uncomfortable on stage. that show was so fun." that's when my pal coo-winky-dink stepped in to play one more joke on me. as you can probably guess, he was walking right past us with his posse at the time. you fans will be happy to know that he had no fancy cars or hummer limos to take him away. just a walk down the block into the night. while i don't know if he heard me or not, i still looked up and did a slight double take and a hand-clamping-over-mouth giggle at realizing i was talking about the person walking right beside me. no, really. like just a few feet away. of course.

what can i say? it's a gift. at least i was paying a compliment without even knowing he was right there. (i've been less lucky on other occasions involving has-been celeb types, but that's one i'll tell you about another time.) AND we had an actual conversation this time with whole sentences instead of just a blurt followed by a staring contest. AND i got helpful advice in the process. whee!!!

what else you were wondering:
yes, we are moving again. soon. more on that later.

08 August 2007

random side notes - chapter fourteen

my computer has been acting weird lately. maybe it's just old and slow. after what happened to my ibook not so long ago, let's hope i'm not going to kill two computers in one year. my track record with technology is not that great. could i be subconsciously wounding computers because i'm a technophobe?

it's time to go to the office supply store (for the first time in a long while) and restock on some essential items. yay. happy happy place!

i am no longer allowed to watch the news. today? armed bank robbery around the corner. funny how i didn't even hear about it until tonight. watching television news is an oddity for me anyway. i gave it up after the great CNN binge of 9/11 and all the sensory overload that provided. news on tv is just too much for me. from now on i'll go back to my old ways and stick to print/web or radio news.

this evening i had a feng shui attack and started going through our stuff. derek needs to just go with it when i'm in the mood to streamline. just because i start randomly yelling about what i'm doing ("WHY do we have three tape measures?!?") doesn't mean i'm yelling at him. i just like to express myself. really. stimpy, don't take it personally. i'm only venting about tools and stuff so that i won't bitch about everything else in the world.

this week is bedlam in general. so far.

my friend quyen is moving to michigan next week. my friend laura is moving to oregon the week after that. there are so many changes in the air.

redemption! we got tickets to see eddie izzard's "work in progress" for this sunday. i'm already practicing things i can say to avoid a repeat of the last time. true, i may sound less like an idiot if more fully prepared, but i'll always cherish what has now come to be known as the "eddie izzard incident" in my life. maybe i should just go with it and dork out this time as well. here's to promising a full report to you after the show...

i feel for both milana and bonnie. it's hard to lose a cat. no, you are not crazy for crying and whimpering and caring so much about the loss of a loved one that has been such a big part of the family. just because it's a cat (or dog or whatever happens to anyone out there) doesn't make it hurt any less.

what derek won't admit:
he likes ben stiller... and brussel sprouts

06 August 2007

this is my boyfriend-type-thingy

while i was chatting with rhiannon this weekend, we were discussing some of the more interesting crime statistics and happenings from each of our areas. the fact that there were so many things that have "slipped my mind" to tell about led her to informing me that i am officially desensitized to big city crime. you know what the worst part of that is? she could actually be right. not that she spends all of her time being wrong, but the point made here was startling enough to worry me.

does it seem normal to have shootings just outside the doors of your building at work, or for the swat team to be down the block and you strangely forget to wonder what it's about? do you automatically assume that "oh, for pete's sake, it's just some fucking junkie" whenever someone is trying to get your attention on the street? are there people setting up residence in your yard while police shootouts are occurring along the next block right by the private university? does it bother you so little that all of this is going on around you that you just deal with it and still get out there with the ability to put your blinders on and ignore it all? above all... are these considered the good and fashionable neighborhoods for yuppies in your city?

yes, she might be right on this one. but i do hate to focus on the negative all the time. yes, it's true that i'm a hardcore complainer, that bitching is my cardio, but that's something completely different. on the whole i do try to maintain some stumbling sense of gracious forward momentum in my psyche.

living here is beginning to seem like a fling. there were things i loved about more than one of my old boyfriend-types. the thing is, i didn't really love them in the whole. even if they did, i knew they would never love me back. which is a fine and good thing, because it let us both go on to something else. yeah, come to think of it, i even had plenty of old boyfriend-types that didn't even end badly AT ALL. we both knew what was going on - or rather, what wasn't going on for either of us. we just let it fizzle out so we could awkwardly exit the relationship at the end without bad feelings or confrontation. and there really are other fish in the sea.

on occasions when we've run into one another afterwards, it's almost always good to see them again. i am happy if things are going well for them, and glad that we each moved on with our lives instead of trying to make a future where there wasn't one.

this is also sort of how i feel about my current residence. it's not a bad person, really, but we're not right for each other and i don't see a future together. why drag it out, right? i should just let it go on its way and find someone who loves it just the way it is. we'll see each other again, when i can smile and nod, being happy that it's gone on successfully without me. my ego can withstand the thought that i am definitely not "the one that got away" here. oh, i might have a pensive moment where i wonder how it's doing. maybe i'll sigh and laugh a little thinking of the great times we had together until it became apparent that things weren't working out the way we had planned. i'll remember why we broke up, but strive to not speak with any malice when reminiscing about our time together.

the real love of my life is derek anyway. where he goes, i will follow. am i a bad feminist for this? nahhh. fuck that noise. i'm kind of enjoying making him be the manly man in this. let him spend some time bringing home the bacon. i'll bring home the bacon bits. and goodness knows i've dragged his ass all over the country on a whim before. more than once.

mmmmmmm, bacon.

the goofiest site i visited this weekend: