30 January 2008

random side notes - chapter fifteen

i really like leftovers. it doesn't even matter whether or not they're in a white box. sometimes when i don't know what to eat, i fish a spoon out of the kitchen drawer and go to town in the fridge on random samplings of whatever ABC (already been cooked) food is in there. maybe i'm just lazy, but pad thai and salami slices both seem to taste better in the middle of the night.

yesterday we had to call an ambulance at work because a elderly man keeled over. he was conscious but unable to speak as he rolled around on the floor. i'm not sure if he just needed his nitro pills or if he was in danger of having a full-on stroke, but he did at least keep trying to sit up and right himself. thank goodness we're handy in a crisis around there. the friend he had with him at the time called us today to say thank you for our quick reactions. we also found out that the man was released from the hospital this morning and is feeling much better. yay!

sometimes i think to myself, "is this my life?" it's probably a signal that i'm ready for more change. not exactly sure what that's going to be this time around, but i'm sticking with the whole it's-a-siiiiiigggnn theme of it. how catholic of me.

the digital conversion of media has taken over our shelves, which has led to an early spring cleaning of sorts. i've been selling off movies and such to fund my evil impulse purchases. who couldn't use a new pair of fancy shoes and a plate of nachos, right?

this leads me to an interesting paradox. once you finally get started cleaning out nooks and crannies, you almost immediately get the urge to drag home a new set of things. take away your recycling? go to the grocery store! sell off your movies? you need new jeans! (no, i really did need new jeans. i'm losing weight and the old ones are all getting holes.) give away donations to charity? you're a good samaritan who deserves to treat yourself to a gadget! that's really it, isn't it? once we eventually find the time and inclination to release some of our cluttered goods, we feel like it's okay to reward ourselves in some way. funny thing. my goal in this effort is to bring home less than i'm getting rid of so that i feel like a degree of progress has been made. we'll see... but i really did need those jeans.

in case i forgot to mention it before, and i probably did because my updates have been sporadic since moving here, DING DONG the witch is dead. whew. that's a load off. i definitely won't miss the random stalking.

puzzles are very addictive. they're supposed to be good for your brain, keep you from getting senile. here's to hoping that i can stave off some "WHAAAA..???" in my advancing years.

derek is out of town again. this means catpile on george in the bed. they like to snuggle with me and warm my toesies. eee! hmmm, i hope that doesn't hurt his feelings. he should know that - no matter what - dizzy stays loyal to him and is a proper pain in the butt in waiting for his return. in fact, she's wandering around his chair and sniffing at this very moment. very soon i'll get the "hey, what the fuck is up with this shit? where is he?" meowing while i'm trying to pee. derek's little princess likes to corner you in precarious spots when she feels like lodging complaints.

what i'm going to do with my evening:
get a spoon and watch project runway!