01 May 2009

what day is it again?

go to bed at 7 am, go to work at 7 am the next day. go to bed at 7 am, go to work at 7 am the next day. am i a fool for keeping such a bizarre schedule this week? you bet i am! when i say words like "yesterday" or "last night", even i have no idea what i'm talking about anymore. my work times should return to relative normalcy this coming week, whatever that means. our hours continue to be a subject of speculation. maybe the magic 8 ball of labor cost-cutting will smile upon me.

if it seems that nothing major has happened lately, that would be true. most of my free time has been spent going through closets and getting rid of things. having become addicted to home shows, i'm inspired to shave off some clutter from my life. so is holly. with the possible (and hopefully soon!) impending deportation of the wicked ex, she's decided to finally shed some stuff of her own. we've spent several days in the past month picking through her house in some awful "do you need this?" moments of truth.

the good news is that she's selling off all the leather furniture the wicked ex bought for the living room. yes, the andrey crap is finally moving out! once the stork brings her new sofa over it'll be a holly house once and for all! oh, and the luck of this girl, i tell you. i shopped for an eternity in search of what i wanted. we shopped for exactly FIVE minutes before finding her a slammin' piece of wonderfulness. it's a three-piece vintage turquoise and silver sectional. very ultra lounge shaping, very hip and very holly. can you believe it? she's reclaiming her living room in superb style. oh, and i got a new hat and some pillows.

the storms promise to put off our mondo sale for at least another day... or week. her garage is really filling up (why did her family give her three xmas trees?!?) and we're both excited to sell off our crap. i even opened the closet of doom. it was filled with boxes up to the ceiling; some of which haven't been opened since before the move to suckifornia. eep! next time i wonder to myself where all my stuff came from, i'll just assume it was the front closet.

in another effort to make derek put on pants, we went to see "a picasso" last night. craig and susan totally rock and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun night of theatre. seriously, these are two of the best actors i know and they worked really well together. tonight we're off to the german festival with linsey and cameron. woo hoo, schnitzel!!!

random side note:
i make lists of words that i like